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WILD BILL TREE SERVICE is a locally-owned and operated company serving the tree care needs of residents of Roy, Utah and the rest of Utah’s Wasatch Front and Wasatch Back. We are licensed and fully insured including workman’s compensation insurance. We have decades of experience and our owner/operator is an ISA Certified Arborist. You can always rest assured we have the knowledge and capability to handle all of your tree care needs.

Roy, Utah Tree Trimming Pros

Roy, Utah has a lot of beautiful mature trees. There are also a lot of neglected mature trees that create fall hazards. Expert tree trimming and pruning by WILD BILL TREE SERVICE will keep you in the first category.

The curb appeal of your West Jordan home or can increase significantly with well-trimmed, maintained trees. Saplings that grow up receiving regular care will grow more attractively with more visually pleasing canopies. It’s easy to see the difference between mature canopies that have received regular and correct trimming and canopies that are trimmed incorrectly or infrequently.

If you don’t pay attention to overgrown branches you might have branches that impede pedestrians, driveways, or surrounding buildings. It’s also possible that branches could begin interfering with power lines, which poses a potential danger.


Roy, Utah Expert Tree Removal Services

WILD BILL TREE SERVICE offers professional tree removal services at affordable prices in Roy, Utah and the rest of Salt Lake County. We have an ISA Certified Arborist and an experienced team of tree climbers on staff. In addition, we have cranes and other equipment to take down and carefully lift out trees in what are normally very inaccessible areas.

We always carefully and professionally examine the state of your trees and proximity to structures and utility lines to provide you with the best tree removal recommendations. Tree removal is done with great care for your lawn and property. We follow up with a thorough clean up, resulting in Roy’s best tree removal services.

Roy, Utah Tree Stump Grinding & Removal

If you have a stubborn tree stump in your yard or garden, it’s time to remove it. WILD BILL TREE SERVICE offers Roy, Utah clients full-service tree removal, and that includes eliminating stumps. If you want to work with a team that has decades of experience removing stumps, our locally-owned business is the best option in Roy.

Many homeowners attempt to remove stumps on their own. While this might seem like a good idea, it rarely works out well. Removing a stump can be a difficult task, and it requires expertise and heavy machinery. Also, many property owners make the mistake of using “stump-killer” chemicals that severely damage the rest of their garden or yard. If you want to ensure that you have a job done well, contact the team at WILD BILL TREE SERVICE. We offer both stump-grinding and stump-removal services.

Roy, Utah Safe Tree Root Removal Experts

The team of professional root pruners and removers at WILD BILL TREE SERVICE can help you tackle complex tree-root problems. If you have roots that are causing damage to your property, it’s essential to hire a professional team to trim your roots safely. Our ISA Certified Arborist and supporting crew help Roy, Utah residents prune roots to promote healthy tree growth, reduce property damage, and prepare for property extensions.

If you choose to remove your own tree roots, you may end up harming or even killing your tree. Our team of professionals can help you assess your tree’s health and root system and determine the best course of action for keeping it healthy.

As a locally-owned business in the Roy area, we have decades of experience helping our loyal customer base. Work with a root pruner your neighbors trust.

Roy, Utah Tree Planting and Landscape Planning

Isn’t it about time to get rid of that dirt and have the backyard retreat you always dreamed about? WILD BILL TREE SERVICE will take your vision and create a custom landscape design for the backyard landscape of your dreams. What about curb appeal? Are you wanting to freshen up your front yard landscape and give it a new look to stand apart from other Roy, Utah area homes? Then let us help you bring your ideas to life. From simple tree planting to a full landscape, the sky is the limit. Just imagine what we can build together. With the help of our ISA Certified Arborist, we can custom design a landscape that will look great out of the gate and only improve as the years pass by.

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