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Utah Tree Planting Contractor

Plant Your Trees and Shrubs with the Help of a Utah ISA Certified Arborist

Adding trees and shrubs to your Utah landscape is not an everyday occurrence. Usually planting trees in your yard is something you rarely do. Unless you move onto a new property, you might not plant trees at all. This is especially true if the original trees were selected correctly and planted properly. When it is time to plant trees on your property, WILD BILL TREE SERVICE will help you select the right tree for the right space and plant it correctly for you.

We'll Help You Love Your Yard For Years To Come

Planting may seem like a simple task of putting a shrub or tree in the ground. Homeowners, other landscapers, and builders too often underestimate the simple task or “planting,” resulting in even large problems later on. If the job isn’t completed correctly the plants or even the landscape itself might be compromised. The initial planting process, whether of shrubs, trees or both, greatly affects the growing patterns and longevity of your chosen trees and shrubs and can significantly impact the aesthetics of your property.

All of the planting and transplanting that WILD BILL TREE SERVICE performs is supervised by a trained arborist who ensures the proper procedure. To ensure correct planting, We always adhere to national standards issued by the International Society of Arboriculture, and local municipal standards, as they are relevant.


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