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Tree Services in Bountiful, Utah

WILD BILL TREE SERVICE is a locally owned and operated Bountiful, Utah company serving the tree care needs of residents of Utah’s Wasatch Front and Wasatch Back. We are licensed and fully insured including workman’s compensation insurance. We have decades of experience and our owner/operator is an ISA Certified Arborist. You can always rest assured we have the knowledge and capability to handle all of your tree care needs.

Bountiful, Utah Professional Tree Trimming & Pruning

WILD BILL TREE SERVICE always performs tree trimming after an formative and thorough evaluation of the status of your trees. We focus on correcting or preventing structural defects, pruning to prevent limb failures, removing dead or diseased limbs, increasing overall health, improving air flow and light penetration throughout the canopy, directing growth toward or away from structures, maintaining a desired shape or height, power line clearing, improving fruit production, and/or increasing aesthetic appeal. We see a wide variety of tree types in Bountiful, Utah and our ISA Certified Arborist and supporting crew have expertise in all of them. You can count on us for all your tree care needs to keep your trees in good shape.

Bountiful, Utah Expert Tree Removal Services

WILD BILL TREE SERVICE offers professional tree removal services at affordable prices in Bountiful Utah and the rest of Davis County. We have an ISA Certified Arborist and an experienced team of tree climbers on staff. In addition, we have cranes and other equipment to take down and carefully lift out trees in what are normally very inaccessible areas.

We always carefully and professionally examine the state of your trees and proximity to structures and utility lines to provide you with the best tree removal recommendations. Tree removal is done with great care for your lawn and property. We follow up with a thorough clean up, resulting in Bountiful’s best tree removal services. 

Bountiful, Utah Tree Stump Grinding & Removal

When your trees are removed, you don’t want the rooted stump left behind. Tree stumps can be tripping hazards, especially for young children, which means they can become a legal hazard. They also don’t look good on your property. WILD BILL TREE SERVICE offers professional stump grinding and stump removal to make your Bountiful, Utah property more safe and pleasing to the eye.

We can remove even the most deeply-rooted tree stumps. Our expertise and powerful stump grinding equipment make short work of tree stumps. We’ll get the job done quickly and carefully. We have built a reputation for a quality of service that is beyond the competition in Bountiful and the rest of Utah’s Wasatch Front.

Bountiful, Utah Safe Tree Root Removal Experts

The team of professional root pruners and removers at WILD BILL TREE SERVICE can help you tackle complex tree-root problems. If you have roots that are causing damage to your property, it’s essential to hire a professional team to trim your roots safely. Our ISA Certified Arborist and supporting crew help Bountiful, Utah residents prune roots to promote healthy tree growth, reduce property damage, and prepare for property extensions.

If you choose to remove your own tree roots, you may end up harming or even killing your tree. Our team of professionals can help you assess your tree’s health and root system and determine the best course of action for keeping it healthy.

As a locally-owned business in the Bountiful area, we have decades of experience helping our loyal customer base. Work with a root pruner your neighbors trust.

Bountiful, Utah Tree Planting and Landscape Planning

Bountiful, Utah area homeowners have a number of options for tree and landscaping services, but few that include the expertise of an ISA Certified Arborist. Calling on WILD BILL TREE SERVICE for your landscape design needs will ensure the job is not only done safely, but also with results that will wow your Bountiful neighbors. Our tean brings your outdoor living dreams to life with confidence. At Wild Bill Tree Service, we are committed to enhancing the safety, functionality and enjoyment of your outdoor space with every project – big or small. We have decades of experience helping residents o Bountiful and surrounding areas to spend more time outdoors with friends and family.

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