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Tree Services in Layton, Utah

Trees provide Layton, Utah residents with beauty and shade and add value to our homes and businesses. At WILD BILL TREE SERVICE, our goal is to help you preserve the beauty, health, safety and value of your trees. Whatever your tree concerns, from planting and pruning to insect and disease control to removal and replacement, our crew and ISA Certified Arborist are trained to give you to best advice and service. Call us for help with any of your tree concerns. We’d love to help you to enjoy the full benefit of healthy trees.

Layton, Utah Professional Tree Pruning & Trimming

At times, the wind and other elements of nature can be pretty harsh in Layton, Utah. How are your trees holding up? Proper tree pruning and trimming methods can protect against future storm damage and reduce the risk of danger to people or structures from falling limbs. Properly cared for trees will grow stronger and will typically live a longer life. 

WILD BILL TREE SERVICE‘s ISA Certified Arborist can assess the natural structure of your trees and their ages and species, the determine how to properly prune to ensure their health and aesthetics. Each tree has different requirements and some long neglected trees will require a few pruning cycles in order to reinvigorate it. Too much at one time can have an adverse effect. Proper pruning standards followed by our certified arborist can have a healthy invigorating effect on your trees.


Layton, Utah Expert Tree Removal Services

The decision to cut down one of your Murray, Utah trees can be a difficult one and is at the very least an irreversible one. Trees add value and enjoyment to our Murray homes and neighborhoods. In time however, they can also cause damage to our homes and infrastructure. Maintaining a tree over time also requires additional funds in our home maintenance budget. All the wonderful benefits of trees eventually come at a price.

The ISA Certified Arborist at WILD BILL TREE SERVICE can advise you when there are steps that can prolong the longevity of your trees and when it’s time to have a tree taken down. When that time comes, there is no company better equipped for the task. Give us a call today for a consultation.

Layton, Utah Tree Stump Grinding & Removal

You can cut a tree all the way to the ground, but the stump will stay intact for years, slowly decaying and creating an eyesore and nuisance in your yard. Not only is a tree stump unsightly, but it also forces you to mow around it every time you cut your grass and can severely damage your lawnmower.

Eliminate the worries by calling Layton, Utah’s stump removal experts at WILD BILL TREE SERVICE. We make short work of any leftover stumps on your property, using specialized equipment to grind the stump down below the surface. If full stump removal is your goal, we have the poweful equipment to do that at well. Contact us today to request service at your home.

Layton, Utah Safe Tree Root Pruning Experts

Established trees bring beauty to our Layton, Utah landscape that nothing else can match. They provide valuable shade, prevent soil errosion and reduce stormwater runoff. However aggressively growing trees and their roots can also cause many problems for homeowners and businesses.

Aggressive tree roots can undermine driveways and sidewalks, grow into drainpipes and even infiltrate buildings causing thousands of dollars in damage. Roots growing above the surface can cause a safety and therefore legal hazard.

The ISA Certified Arborist at WILD BILL TREE SERVICE can usually prune aggressive roots without damaging your tree. We evaluate the health of your tree and it’s root system and remove the problem roots whenever possible. Give us a call today for a consultation.

Layton, Utah Tree Planting and Landscape Planning

Planting a new tree in your Layton, Utah yard seems like a fairly straightforward task, but it’s actually quite complex. Done incorrectly, tree planting can become a large and costly mistake.

The two most common mistakes are the wrong tree and the wrong place for it. Adding in the wrong time of the year can just compound your problems. There are simply too many factors to consider when planting a tree in the city for it to be done effectively by a layperson.

WILD BILL TREE SERVICE has an ISA Certified Arborist on staff who can assist with your tree planting and landscape design needs. We can help you plan out the best trees and best places to plant for your short-term and long-term landscaping goals.

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