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Utah Safe Tree Root Removal

We Can Usually Safely Take Care of Your Exposed Tree Roots While Preserving Your Tree

Exposed tree roots can be very unsightly as well as a dangerous tripping hazard. Errant roots might also be lifting your concrete or pavement, or even worse, threatening the foundation of your properties structures. The ISA certified arborist at WILD BILL TREE SERVICE will present you with all the safe options to find a solution and save your trees when possible.

You Need A Tree Doctor For Those Exposed Roots

Landscape trees are a wonderful and often impressive features of a yard or property, providing years of enjoyment for homeowners, businesses & clients. However, many trees have naturally shallow root systems, meaning they become exposed above the soil’s surface over time. Exposed roots can be both unsightly and hazardous and can even do damage to concrete, pavement and structures. What can be done to get the exposed roots under control?

Those roots are the lifeline of your trees, so you need an expert in tree care and tree health when looking for a solution. The ISA Certified Arborist at WILD BILL TREE SERVICE knows the needs and limits of Utah trees extremely well. Whenever its possible, we’ll craft the solution that takes care of the exposed root problems while also caring for your trees.


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